D Type Natural Gas Compressor

DH type daughter station compressor adopt advanced adaptive two-stage compression process,
within 3-20MPa large range of inlet pressure, no need for compression stages switch, automatically 
adapt to the normal work of two-stage compression, eliminating the impact of tremendous changes in 
volume when the compression stages switch,run more smoothly.Since there is no single-stage & and 
two-stage compression switch, the average discharge capacity will increase 30%-50% if the motor 
power is same,or motor power will allow 25%-30% lower if the average discharge capacity is same.


1. The horizontal natural gas compressor is a middle speed compressor with skid-mounted package.
2. DH type CNG compressor can operate stably and reliably due to the horizontal balanced structure.
3. The horizontal structured natural gas compressor with less vibration and noise is easy to maintain.
4. Average working speed of piston is 2.7m/s, and the PV value is very low under the same combined rod load. 
5. It can prolong service life of wearing parts and reduce the running costs with high reliability.
6. Direct driving and flying wheel promote machine operate quickly and effectively.

Main Technical Parameter: 

no. type

inlet pressure


outlet pressure


discharge capacity


motor power


dimension (mm)


1 DH-5.6/0.1-200 0.1 200 350 90 - -
2 DH-0.35/30-250 30-200 250 2100 110 5000×2600×1780 13900
3. DH-4.17/4-250 40 250 1000 132 5900x3100x2550 15000
4. DH-2/14-300 14 300 1800 250 4800x1600x1200 17000
5. DH-18/250 atm. 250 1080 315 6000x1600x1200 18000
6 DH-20/0.4-4 0.5 4.0 1680 110 3600x3000x1500 8000
7 DH-22/0.5-3.2 0.5 3.2 1980 110 3600x3000x1500 3000
8 DH-35/1-7 1.0 7.0 4200 315 5500x3600x1800 17000
The above values are only for reference.Please contact us for the more details.

The CNG compressors are too numerous to enumerate.

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We also supply other series CNG Compressor,many types of them. 

1.The compressor can enter into container, we adopt simple and rain-proof package.
2.If the compressor can not enter into container, the goods will be transported by train or other way, we adopt wooden or iron plate package.

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