About Us

Chengdu Tianyi Natural Gas Compressor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. has been actively involved in the Natural Gas Industry since 1998,which is a professional CNG equipment manufacturer and technical service company in China.

Based on many years of experience in CNG Station solution,we are capable of supplying CNG refueling station equipments,CNG Mother and Daughter station equipments,CNG compressor,gas dryer,conversion kits,ground storage cylinders cascade tank,CNG motor generator sets,along with related aftermarket services,spare parts and technology consultation.

we are a qualified enterprise for military products in gas compressor and special equipment.We are the leader in natural gas compression for the CNG market in China, and have efficient solutions for the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) industry. Our CNG solutions have proven reliability, efficiency and safety in numerous installations at home and abroad,including the United tates,Europe,Russion,Pakistan,Thailand,Myanmar,Iran,Bangladesh etc.

Also,we can supply a turnkey CNG filing station project,we have enginers and commission oversea.We always meets customers' high demands on CNG station solution and related equipments.And we are greatly hope to be your partner and create a bright future.

Moreover,we are making continuous efforts for clean alternative engery and a greener earth.
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when you are worried which is the best suitable, 
when you meet technical problems in your applications, 
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